evian water attributes

Water and hydration are not only essential to life, they’re essential to living well. Why not choose refreshing hydration?

Mineral composition (mg/L)
  • Calcium 80
  • Magnesium 26
  • Potassium 1
  • Sodium 6,5
  • Nitrates 3,8
  • Bicarbonates 360
  • Sulfates 15
  • Silica 14
  • Chlorides 10
Water attributes
Naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals

Characterized by a natural blend of electrolytes and minerals. This natural composition contributes to our cool, crisp taste.

Hydration from the French Alps

Our water filters through glaciers and rocks for 15 years before we bottle it.

15-year natural filtration process

evian natural mineral water’s unique, constant mineral composition, created over years of slow filtration through underground rock reflects the uniqueness of the the territory from which it originates. evian natural mineral water is truly a product of nature.

Sustainably sourced

We want to protect our source and never take more than nature provides. 
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7.2 pH

evian is neutrally balanced.