In January 2018 we pledged to become a circular brand by 2025. Our plastic bottles are already 100% recyclable, but this target means they will also be made from 100% recycled plastic - so no virgin plastic is added into the economy.

2020 saw us embark on this journey with the launch of two bottle ranges made of 100% recycled plastic*, but we still have a way to go. It’s a bold ambition. We’re committed to being more transparent than ever about our water and what it takes to bottle it, so we want to be truthful and honest in allowing you to track our progress.

This dashboard provides crucial figures in our fight for a more sustainable future. Check back to see how we do in the coming months and years, as we commit to using no new plastic in our bottles by 2025.
*excluding cap and label


Average across range
Progress to 100% rPET

Circularity Dashboard

When an evian bottle is made of 100%* recycled plastic, it means no virgin plastic is added in the economy,  reducing our carbon footprint up to 50%**, and also contributing in our goal to be a circular brand by 2025.
* except cap and label
** compared to bottles made from virgin plastic