Mountain of Youth Sport Limited Edition

Discover our Mountain of Youth Sports Limited Edition bottles, a celebration of summer sports - inspiring wellness and embodying evian’s brand promise to Live Young.

2024 is a special year for sport, particularly in France, which will be hosting the Olympics.

If you live in Paris (France), shop now your bottle.

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We’ve selected three iconic sports to leverage our limited-edition bottles : golf, tennis and sailing.

Each one has been chosen for its elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

They also bring consumers closer to the outdoors, reflecting our values of vitality, health and wellness

The characters depicted in our artwork are effortlessly stylish, with aspirational details, demonstrating the very best of French chic.

Their joyful sense of fun is designed to inspire, encouraging everybody to get active and go on their own wellness journey.

Our Illustrator

To create our images, we’ve worked with Pietari at Studio Posti. His work shares the key traits of our brand personality:

Authentic: pure, simple and genuine, Pietari’s work is able to connect to our our unique origins and our story.

Effortlessly chic: with its iconic simplicity that feels effortless, Pietari adds details and charm to the people, places and objects he draws for a très chic look.

Unconventional: free-spirited and original, Pietari brings an element of depth present in our three peaks, with dynamic compositions and dramatic shadows.