Source protection

Our commitment to spring preservation runs deep. We never want to take more than nature can provide so the source can continuously replenish.

Photo credit: Hervé Schmelzle

We’re very protective of our water and the environment that provides it.

To help us preserve our source and promote sustainable agricultural practices in the Évian-les-Bains area, we co-founded the Association for the Protection of the evian spring Water Impluvium (aka APIEME) with 13 other municipalities over 25 years ago. Since then, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with the local community to make sure our source has a healthy sustainable future.

Photo credit: Hervé Schmelzle

We’re continually investing in the community and people around our water ecosystem.

One of the many ways we work with APIEME is the establishment of the innovative Terragr’Eau methanizer, which converts organic farm waste into natural biogas for the community. Whatever gas consumption our bottling site uses, we give an equal amount back to the community in biogas.

Beyond the environment, we’re continually investing in the community around our water ecosystem. We currently employ 1,200 employees at the evian bottling site, which includes a dedicated team of evian hydrogeologists to help ensure we treat our source and water cycle with respect. These scientists collect samples to ensure that the aquifer (our underground water source) is regularly replenished. We value them so much that we created the Water Institute by evian to train future hydrogeologists.

We’re proud of our efforts, big and small.

Like in 2008 when we became the first natural spring water to have its watershed area recognized as a wetland of international importance by the Ramsar Convention, partner of UNESCO.

We know that water is life, so we’ll never stop looking for ways to preserve the world’s best (we might be biased) natural spring water for years to come.

Main achievements to date

our ongoing standards


Creation of the APIEME
(Association for the
Protection of the evian
spring Water Impluvium)


1st natural spring water with its
catchment area recognized as a Wetland
of International Importance by
the Ramsar Convention (UNESCO Partner)


Water Institute by evian
opens to train future
responsible hydrogeologists


The Terragr’Eau methanizer
opened at the plant which
continues to convert farm
waste into fuel today

Ensure exceptional quality by
performing 300+ water tests a day

Cooperation projects to ensure resource
protection and sustainable development of
the territory throughout the APIEME