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About evian / sourcing our water
Where is evian water from?

evian natural spring water comes from only one place in the world - the Cachat Spring (pronounced CA-SHAH) at the base of the French Alps in the town of Évian-les-Bains, France. Want to find it on a map? No problem. evian is near the border of Switzerland in France.

Where is evian water bottled?

evian is bottled near the source, at our factory. The stainless steel piping from the spring directly to the plant and the filling equipment are designed to protect the quality of evian’s natural water. We can assure you that evian is bottled from a protected source which is not under the influence of surface water, and thus is protected from contamination from man-made chemicals.

How is evian water made?

evian natural spring water isn’t made, it’s given to us by nature. Our water gets its unique, exceptional qualities from the source. Protected under a fortress of geological layers built by glaciers 30,000 years ago, it slowly travels through natural snowy, glacial rocks naturally filtering it. It’s a 15 year process before it gets from the French Alps to you - with no additives, no enhancements. The water’s unique taste and composition is a result of nature’s water cycle.

Who owns evian water?

evian bottled water is currently owned by Danone, a French multinational corporation. You can learn more about Danone here.

Who distributes evian water? How is evian distributed?

It’s natural to wonder how evian gets from the French Alps to you. To put it as simply as we can, Danone Waters of America, Inc. transports evian natural spring water from France via maritime transportation and our water arrives at various ports around North America. From the ports, our containers of evian are transported by trucks to their respective locations. Ultimately, our distributors deliver the water by truck to their retailers.

What is evian?

evian is a uniquely sourced natural spring water from the French Alps that’s always refreshing and naturally hydrating - with nothing added for taste and not enhanced with extras.

What does evian mean?

We’re not trying to hide behind some fancy, complicated name. We call ourselves evian, because that’s exactly where our water comes from–– Évian-Les-Bains, France, the home of our spring. “evian” comes from the Celtic word "evua" which means water.

Where is the evian HQ?

For us, everything revolves around our source. evian is proud to call Évian-Les-Bains, France home to its headquarters.

Purchasing evian
Where can I buy evian water?

You can purchase our products on-line from our e-retailer partners or find our list of stores at this link:

Generally, evian water can be purchased in bulk or standalone bottles nationwide at all participating supermarkets, club stores, convenience stores, and drugstores.

evian glass bottles and limited edition glass bottles are available in select supermarkets, fine restaurants, hotels, and gourmet shops. Keep in mind, the limited edition bottles are seasonal and available in limited quantities.

Can I buy evian directly from you?

Unfortunately, at this time, it’s not possible to purchase water directly from us, nor does our distribution system allow for home or office delivery. However, evian PET bottles are available by the case on select e-retailer sites including with free shipping as part of the Amazon Prime program. Just click then sip.

If you would like to purchase evian natural spring water in larger quantities, it is available by the case. You may want to contact the management of your local supermarket or club store––like Sam’s Club or BJ’s––to see if case purchases are offered.

How much water is in evian’s bottle?

The amount of water varies according to each size. We offer our standard plastic bottles in a variety of sizes: 330mL, 500mL, 750mL, 1L, 1.25L, 1.5L and kid size 310mL. Our glass bottle range comes in two sizes: 330mL and 750mL.

Do you have cooler size bottles?

Today evian does not come in cooler-sized containers, but we’re always looking at new ways to innovate and offer new product sizes for our customers. Stay tuned for updates.

Spring water quality & taste
Is evian mineral water? Do you add any minerals? Is evian spring, filtered, or purified water?

evian is spring water, but we don’t add anything for taste or enhance with extras. Our water is a product of nature and only nature, meaning all of the minerals listed on the mineral composition list are naturally absorbed by the water as it flows through layers of rock, soil and sediment. None are added.

You can learn more about the naturally occuring electrolyte and mineral composition of our water here.

What is the pH of evian?

evian’s pH is 7.2.

Does evian contain electrolytes?

Yes, evian contains naturally occurring electrolytes contributing to the taste that nature intended.You can learn more about the naturally occuring electrolyte and mineral composition of our water here.

Is evian purified or treated in any way?

The high quality of evian water both at the source and after bottling is controlled by analytical tests. These tests verify that the water is not contaminated meeting the relevant FDA regulations for food safety and quality.

Our scientists and independent certified laboratories perform extensive tests on the water source and finished bottled water product to ensure we exceed or are compliant with all Federal and State bottled water requirements

Why is evian called spring water in the US but mineral water in Europe?

Even though it’s the exact same water from the same source, different regulations apply in the US compared to other parts of Europe. evian must be called “spring” water in the US because the total dissolved solids are below 500 ppm (mg/L) as required by the FDA to consider it a “mineral” water. Our total dissolved solids are 345 ppm (mg/L).

Bottle quality & sustainability
Are evian bottles recyclable?

All evian bottles and caps are 100% recyclable. Evian plastic bottles are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate Code No. 1)- the most commonly recycled type of plastic in North America. Please recycle your bottle and cap so we can keep plastic out of nature and in the circular economy where it belongs.

In many communities, glass and PET evian bottles can be recycled at recycling centers, or through “curbside” recycling programs.

In order to find out if recycling facilities exist in your area or whether you have a curbside recycling program, we suggest that you check with your local municipal office.

You can learn more about our commitment to sustainability and becoming a circular brand here.

Do evian bottles contain recycled material?

As of today, we make our 1L bottles with 50% rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) while our 1.5L bottle contains 100% rPET. We’re committed to increasing this content percentage across our product portfolio in the future, as we work towards our goal of becoming a circular brand by 2025, which entails using 100% recycled PET in our plastic bottles*.

You can learn more about our packaging and recycling practices here.

*excludes label and caps

Why is there an expiration date on evian bottles?

We recommend that evian be stored in a dry, cool clean place like a clean pantry or kitchen cabinet where you store other food items. Please consume by the expiration date. We also recommend against storing our evian bottles next to non-food items like household cleaning liquids or chemicals.

Partnerships, sponsorships, and donations
I would like to do business with evian. Who can I speak to?

We are honored that you considered evian in your search. Please submit a full proposal by email to: Please be assured that your proposal will reach the appropriate people for consideration.

Can I request a sponsorship or donation with evian?

We are honored that you considered evian in your search. Please submit a full proposal by email to Please be assured that your proposal will reach the appropriate people for consideration.

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