evian Sparkling water range 750mL
evian Sparkling Water 750mL

evian Sparkling™ water aims to awaken the senses through a unique and refreshing sparkling sensation. The result is something dazzling, effervescent and refreshingly light.

  • Calcium80
  • Magnesium26
  • Potassium1
  • Bicarbonates360
  • Silica15
  • Sulfates14
  • Chlorides10

Sparkling attributes

Mountain-made hydration from the French Alps

The freshness and taste of evian water you know and love, with added sparkles.

balanced taste

evian water has naturally occurring electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium) for its cool, crisp taste.

A unique composition

Effervescent and refreshingly light, try evian Sparkling carbonated natural spring water for yourself, and feel your senses awaken.

100% recyclable

Today our bottles and caps are 100% recyclable.

The sparkling choice for your dinner

Its delicate sparkle works well with the whole palette of flavors of the most refined dishes, and it helps to reveal the subtle and enticing notes of complex wine bouquets.

Carbon neutral

We achieved Carbon Neutral certification from The Carbon Trust in North America in 2017, and were certified globally in 2020.

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