In collaboration with evian and Alaska Alaska, Virgil Abloh is pioneering the ACTIVATE MOVEMENT - a platform, putting the call out to future-driven sustainability initiatives and with it, a $100k prize to help fund and get the project off the ground.


The ACTIVATE MOVEMENT project can best be described in Virgil’s own words:

“One drop can create a movement. Every little thing we do has the power to change the status quo. With this project, we’re making a ripple starting a wave of exposure for groundbreaking ideas within the sustainability field, giving a voice to the youth and the empowerment to realize your projects.

You have the power to influence the future. Submit your initiative of pioneering work in the field of sustainability -or nominate another -to be considered for a fund and visibility support from evian and yours truly.

Activate change. Activate movement.”


evian® Virgil Abloh

Inspired by his progressive designs and pioneering spirit, we partnered with visionary designer, DJ, and stylist, Virgil Abloh. Since appointing him as our Creative Advisor of Sustainable Innovation Design in 2018, Virgil has conceived and produced two meaningful creative projects for evian: “One Drop Can Make a Rainbow” and his, “ACTIVATE MOVEMENT.”

This unique partnership between evian and Virgil Abloh brings together two icons with the shared purpose of advancing creative design and innovation in sustainability for new generations and beyond through an array of products created to expand ways to hydrate while offering new sustainable choices.

Collaborator range


2020 limited edition750mL glass bottle

Continuing evian’s long-established collaboration with the fashion world, Virgil Abloh applies his design vision to this year’s iconic collectible limited-edition glass bottle.

Virgil’s 750mL bottle features a unique design inspired by “Activate Movement”. The signature blue dots represent water droplets which symbolize the ripple effect created by a single action as well as the hope that this project will incite a ripple effect of sustainable actions.

This exclusive design will be available in limited quantities at select retail locations listed below.

evian x Virgil Abloh x Soma

The evian x Virgil Abloh x Soma collection features our two highly-desirable refillable glass bottles, designed as a hydration accessory for a trendy and conscious generation. The shatter-resistant glass bottles have easy grip, protective silicone sleeves, leak-proof natural bamboo caps, and feature Virgil Abloh’s ACTIVATE MOVEMENT design.