(re)think the way you drink. ​

Sustainability meets design: introducing evian’s latest innovation, (re)new. A  unique water dispenser providing you with the purity* of evian natural mineral water in the home using 60%** less plastic packaging.

Innovation with spirit

A combination of sustainability and innovation: evian (re)new is our first in-home dispenser providing you with the unique purity* of evian natural mineral water using 60%** less plastic packaging.

Created and championed by Virgil Abloh, Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design for evian, (re)new is a modern and minimalistic design ready to become your new favourite interior design piece. All the iconicity of evian, reimagined for the home.

* evian is pure, as all natural mineral waters 
** Compared, per litre of water, to a 1.5L evian® bottle (3.33 x 1.5L evian® bottles)  

Sustainability takes shape

The new collapsible 5L ‘bubbles’, sitting atop a beautiful contemporary base, are made from 100% recycled plastic, are 100% recyclable and use 60%* less plastic packaging compared to a 1.5L evian bottle. 

The launch of (re)new is a step forward for evian in reducing packaging and keeping virgin plastic out of nature, bringing us closer to our 2025 circularity commitment***. evian (re)new is also certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust. 

* Compared, per litre of water, to a 1.5L evian® bottle (3.33 x 1.5L evian® bottles)  
** excludes cap and label



Where to buy

evian (re)new is now available to buy in selected Tesco stores and tesco.com in Greater London.

  • Where can I buy the evian® (re)new base and bubbles?

    evian® (re)new is now available to purchase at the following selected Tesco stores or Tesco.com in Greater London.
    Cheshunt Extra, Colney Hatch Extra, Hatfield Extra, Hemel Hempstead Extra, Kensington Superstore, Kingston Extra, Lakeside Extra, Osterley Extra, Romford Gallows Corner Extra, Sandhurst Extra, Southend Extra, Sunbury-on-Thames Extra, Twickenham Extra, Watford Extra, Woolwich Extra. 

  • Can I store the bubbles in the fridge?

    We do not recommend placing the bubble in the fridge as the bubble can become slippery after storage in cold temperatures. Also, if the bubble is in the fridge with the connector screwed on, the taste of the water may be tainted by other foods in the refrigerator. We recommend reading the instruction manual before storage & use of the bubbles. 

  • Can I still consume the water from my evian® (re)new bubble if the best before date indicated on the bubble has passed?

    The date indicated on the bubble is the Best Before Date. As per regulation, all our bottles carry a best before date. Passed this date, the organoleptic profile, which is the taste of the water, can be affected. However, if stored with all the necessary precautions, i.e in a clean, cool and dry place away from sunlight, strong odour and chemicals, natural mineral water can be consumed safely passed this date.

  • Can I refill the evian® (re)new bubble with another liquid (e.g water, squash, drink etc.)?

    The base is designed exclusively for the 5L evian® (re)new bubble containing evian® natural mineral water. We therefore do not recommend refilling a bubble with a drink or any other liquid. Some substances could damage the base or irreversibly affect the taste. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the microbiological / hygienic conditions.

  • How can I recycle my empty evian® bubble and the dispenser/base?

    The cardboard box and bubble are recyclable via your household collection, please crush and place the cap back on the bubble. For the base and its components, please recycle it at your local recycling site as these can’t be recycled via your household collection.

Please click here for the evian (re)new user manual.

If you need any further assistance or have any further questions that are not answered above, then please contact us here.