Virgil Abloh's vision

In collaboration with evian and Alaska Alaska, Virgil Abloh is pioneering Activate Movement - a platform, putting the call out to future-driven sustainability initiatives and with it, a 50,000€ prize to bring a sustainable design solution off the ground.

The Activate Movement Program can best be described in Virgil’s own words:

“I believe that every little thing you do can change the status quo. That’s what inspired the activate movement collection, because a single drop can be the starting point of positive change. Every idea has to start somewhere, so we were thinking what if we could create that place? A place to empower the new generation.”

Inspired by his progressive designs and pioneering spirit, we partnered with visionary fashion designer, artist and creative director, Virgil Abloh. Since appointing him as our Creative Advisor of Sustainable Innovation Design in 2018, Virgil has conceived and produced three meaningful creative projects for evian: the first in-home water dispenser, evian (re)new, 2018’s limited edition design “One Drop Can Make a Rainbow” and his current, “Activate Movement.”

This unique partnership between evian and Virgil Abloh celebrates the power of youth to enact change, with a call to action for a more sustainable future. Each drop on the new glass bottles’ design represents the origins and purity of the evian source – the French Alps. The infinite loop of droplets on the design reflects the power and potential of every small action to create positive change.

Current collaborator range

The evian x Virgil Abloh Soma Collection

The evian x Virgil Abloh Soma Collection features two highly-desirable, refillable 75cL evian glass bottles, designed as a hydration accessory for trendy and conscious consumers. The shatter-resistant glass bottles have easy grip, protective silicone sleeves, leak-proof natural bamboo caps, and feature evian x Virgil Abloh’s Activate Movement design.

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