evian sparkling water

1L bottle

Recognized as early as 1898 by the French Academy of Medicine for its beneficial qualities on health, ​evian still & sparkling stand out for their mineral property.

Mineral composition (mg/L)
  • Calcium 80
  • Magnesium 26
  • Potassium 1
  • Sodium 6.5
  • Nitrates 3.8
  • Bicarbonates 360
  • Sulfates 14
  • Silica 15
  • Chlorides 10
Water attributes
Contains minerals

Characterised by a natural blend of minerals. This natural composition contributes to our cool, crisp taste.

Hydration from the pristine Alps

Our water filters through glaciers and rocks for 15 years before we bottle it.

Designed for recyclability

In January 2018 we pledged to become a circular brand by 2025. Our plastic bottles are already recyclable, but this target means they will also be made from recycled plastic*. Our aluminium cans are recyclable and can be recyclable forever**.

*Excluding Cap and Label
**Metal can be recycled again and again

7.2 pH

evian is neutrally balanced.

B Corp Certified

We are extremely proud to join a community of nearly 4000 companies using their business as a force for good. We take this as an opportunity to keep challenging ourselves to improve our impact on the planet and society.