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Discover new evian sparkling water

Experience the freshness & pure* taste of evian natural mineral water, now for the first time available with light, fine added sparkles. The result is something dazzling, effervescent and refreshingly light.

Look for it in the new 33cl sleek aluminium can and recycled 1L plastic bottles**, in stores in the United Kingdom.

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* evian is pure and natural as all natural mineral water. Now in a new version with added sparkles.
**excludes cap and label

New evian sparkling water

Enjoy the refreshing sparkling sensation of evian sparkling natural mineral water. Try it for yourself, and feel your senses awaken.

Where to buy

evian sparkling water will be available across UK stores.

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What are the health benefits of sparkling water?

Hydration* is key to any healthy lifestyle. And drinking plenty of water is a great way to ensure that you’re keeping your fluid levels topped up.  

Sometimes though, drinking enough water throughout the day isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, and sparkling water can be a great alternative to help you hydrate* with a little extra sparkle.

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