Top Tips for Refilling

Expanding on the success of the 2023 pilot to hydrate players on court, evian is excited to be offering spectators the ability to refill with evian natural mineral water at The Championships this year. As The Official Water of The Championships for over 15 years, evian and Wimbledon are committed partners in a joint sustainability journey, making a significant leap forward with this innovation.

evian and Wimbledon are immensely proud to promote the practice of refilling and reusing amongst both players and spectators in 2024.

All spectators can purchase unlimited refills of evian natural mineral water for £5 and can refill their own bottle.

If needed, spectators can purchase a special edition evian bottle with unlimited evian natural mineral water refills for £25 at our refill stations on the grounds or in the queue.

evian refill stations can be found at six location across the Wimbledon grounds and in the queue.

Everything you need to know about our evian refill stations at Wimbledon

  • Everyone who has purchased refills can refill their bottle with evian natural mineral water. Please make sure your bottle is clean before refilling.
  • You can also purchase the special edition evian refillable bottle at our stations.
  • Don’t forget to scan your QR code before refilling
  • Place your bottle down on the drip tray, under the arch
  • Keep your bottle away from the nozzle to keep it clean for the next person
  • Press the button to fill your bottle
  • If you have any questions, ask our evian ambassadors located at all stations