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Introducing positive drops

We collaborate with our brand ambassadors and the creative community to bring together helpful, inspiring and optimistic content that will help people through the pandemic. Our DNA gives us our part to play: as a catalyst for positive change, to encourage optimism in people’s lives.

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Source of sanity

The Coronavirus crisis has been hard for us all and here at evian we challenged our influencers to share with us the things that have kept them sane during this period, their “source of sanity.” For our influencer Chessie King @chessiekingg her source of sanity during lockdown has been painting and she has produced some pretty inspiring pieces. Please head over to our Instagram page to checkout more @evianwater or visit @chessiekingg

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Key workers Wimbledon competition June 2020

2020 has been a year like no other and sadly for the first time since World War Two the Coronavirus meant that The Championships, Wimbledon did not take place. At evian we were keen to show our appreciation for everything that our key workers do and so we ran a free prize draw to invite people to nominate a key worker who could come as our guest to The Championships, Wimbledon in 2021. Needless to say this competition proved very popular and we had thousands of entries. We look forward to welcoming our lucky and deserving key workers to our suite in 2021.

Here’s our influencer @ashleylouisejames showing us her take on ‘Wimbledon vs. Reality’ as part of her ticket giveaway. For more, visit her Ashley’s Instagram page.

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Uncapped Natural Taste

evian are a proud member of the Natural Source Water Association. Together we believe that for an uncapped natural taste, drink natural source waters. Check out their new campaign and find out more here.

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