Packaging and recycling

Packaging allows us to bring our water to you, our consumer, preserving the natural spring water’s quality–but we believe it shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. After all, our water couldn’t exist without a healthy environment.

Adopting a circular model

Mainstream bottling systems are still primarily linear—raw materials are used to make packaging, and after the product is consumed, the packaging is thrown away, adding new waste to the environment. Simply put: this model isn’t sustainable.

How will we do it? The way we always do and will continue to do: with a proactive, pioneering approach and a real, actionable plan. From overhauling our product lifecycle with new, innovative partners, to actively engaging the community, our sustainability initiatives will put us on track to reach our 2025 goal.

Because we’re committed to protecting and nourishing the health of our planet and its people, we are playing our part to accelerate the transition from a linear to a circular economy of sustainable packaging. Simply put, this means eliminating packaging we don’t need and innovating packaging where possible to ensure it can be recycled and safely reused again and again so it remains part of the circular economy and never becomes waste or pollution. In January 2018, we pledged to become a circular brand and transform our packaging to make all our plastic bottles* from 100% recycled PET by 2025.

*excludes label and cap

Building blocks to becoming circular

The future of packaging

When it comes to packaging innovations that benefit the environment and in turn, the people, good is never good enough. As we work to reimagine the packaging landscape, our efforts are in vain if these innovations aren’t accessible to or practical for people everywhere. That’s why we’re partnering with innovative brands like Soma to create forward-thinking yet practical designs for the future.

Main achievements to date


Incorporated an average of 25% rPET into our everyday plastic bottle range and removed plastic wrap surrounding bottles with launch of our No Wrap Pack multipack


Launched first refillable bottle with Soma and our first 1.5L bottle with 50% rPET


Launched Limited Edition
‘Activate Movement’ collection and sustainability grant with Virgil Abloh

Our mission


Aim to be a circular brand using 100% rPET across our entire plastic* portfolio

*excludes cap and label

Seeking to reduce plastic bottle waste

Seeking to reduce plastic bottle waste

Accelerating recycling initiatives

Our other actions

Source protection

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carbon neutral water bottle

Climate journey

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