Rooted in our pioneering spirit and long-lasting commitment towards sustainability, we are, at all steps of the product lifecycle,

attached to operate in the most sustainable way.


For over 25 years, evian has been moved by strong environmental ambitions which are at the core of the brand’s strategy along with its innovation projects, to keep satisfying our consumers’ hydration needs in more than 140 countries.


Our sustainability journey is focused on 3 pillars:

water resource, carbon and plastic.

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evian's commitment to sustainability runs deep.

For more than 25 years, we've been innovating and working with the local ecosystem in Evian-les-Bains to preserve the natural resource and commit to a sustainable future. Owing everything to nature, evian is working with hydrogeologists to sustainably manage the water resource for future generations.


We respects the natural cycle of water by never taking more than nature replenishes in accordance with European regulations.

In 1992, evian co-founded the Association for the Protection of the evian Mineral Water Impluvium (known as APIEME) together with 13 municipalities around the catchment area. This private-public partnership aims to balance preservation of the evian natural mineral water resource and sustanaible local development of agriculture within the catchment area.

Our care of the evian source has allowed us in 2008 to become the first natural mineral water with its cachment area recognized as a wetland of international importance by the Ramsar Convention, partner of UNESCO.


evian is the first global Danone brand to become carbon neutral by 2020.

As a responsible brand, evian is committed to the reduction of its environmental footprint at each step of the bottle’s lifecycle, from conception to production, from transportation to recycling.

We work actively and continuously on reducing our carbon emissions.

Thanks to strong action plans, we achieved a reduction of 40% gr CO2/L between 2008 and 2012 of our global carbon footprint. Alongside evian’s global carbon reduction action plan, the brand has partnered since 2008 with the Livelihoods Carbon Fund to help preserve and restore water-linked ecosystems and work with their local communities.


Over time, our sustained actions to reduce our emissions, combined with the creation of carbon credits through the Livelihoods Carbon Fund, will enable us to reach carbon neutrality by 2020.


Two key milestones were reached in 2017 within this journey towards the brand’s global ambition: the carbon neutral certification by the Carbon Trust of the bottling site of Évian-les-Bains and the brand’s activities in North America (U.S.A. and Canada), and Germany and Switzerland in 2019.

We aim for zer
Zero plastic bottle waste