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The Livelihoods Carbon Fund

Livelihoods’ mission is to restore degraded ecosystems to improve the lives of rural communities who depend upon them. evian’s story with Livelihoods started in 2008, when Danone, the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) created the Danone Fund for Nature with the following objectives: restore degraded ecosystems, redevelop local economies and combat climate change. A successful pilot project in Senegal - the largest mangrove restoration project in the world with 100 million mangroves motivated Danone to open up the fund to outside investors. The Danone Fund for Nature thus evolved into an independent entity and was rebranded as the Livelihoods Carbon Fund in 2011, with nine other companies joining. To date, it has planted 130 million trees in Africa, Asia and Latin America that will capture 10 million tons of CO2.

Following the success of the first fund, a second investment fund was launched in 2015- the Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming (Livelihoods 3F).

Learn more by visiting www.livelihoods.eu

Example Projects

Partner NGO : Océanium

  • People impacted: 100 000
  • Planted trees: 100 million
  • Restored acres: 10 000

Mangroves that generate fish and crustacean resources will allow local fishermen to increase their income and improve their livelihood. The mangrove will once again protect their crops from salt water.

Partner NGO : NEWS

  • People impacted: 250 000
  • Planted trees: 25 million
  • Restored acres: 5 500

Each year during the cyclone season, the inhabitants of Sundarbans witness the sea destroy their protective dams and ravage their crops. The reintroduction of mangroves allows a protective barrier to be created and also provides additional food resources for the local people, such as fish, crabs and shrimp.