our commitments for the environment

We owe everything to nature, which is why we are protecting it.

Protecting water resources is the focal point of a mineral water company’s business. Danone has chosen to base its protection policies on public-private partnerships with local players. These policies aim to combine protecting water resources and local development on the catchment area.

This commitment was made over 20 years ago, by setting up the APIEME (Association for the Protection of the Evian Mineral Water Impluvium) in 1992, in order to protect evian water. The measures break down between three priorities: ensuring the protection of natural environments, promoting sensible farming, and developing the area in a responsible manner.

The first methanizer of france designed to protect the watershed and foster the sustainability of local farming

The Terragr’eau project involves building a methanization unit with a composting plateform, which will allow waste conversion in natural fertilisers and biogas.
This initiative encompasses the protection of drinking water, the protection of evian water, and solutions for farmers to boost their business.
This initiative, the only one of its kind in France, will reconcile agriculture’s future with a safe water supply on the evian catchment area.
70% of the local farmers are working on the project.

RAMSAR,partner of UNESCO, recognizes APIEME’s policy

At the heart of evian’s mission is its commitment to managing and protecting sustainable water resources to leave a legacy that will be transmitted down the generations.

Biodiversity is a key indicator of an ecosystem’s good health and therefore the purity of the water resource. This is why each brand strives to protect the flora and fauna of the catchment areas

In 2009, the designation of the evian impluvium as a Ramsar Site, or Wetland of International Importance, recognized APIEME’s policy of protecting and sustainably using this natural heritage for more than 20 years.

evian is the first natural mineral water with its catchment area being recognized as a Wetland of International Importance.