evian and the environment

Making sure everyone has enough clean water to drink, today and tomorrow

97% of the Earth’s water contains salt. 2.6% is frozen. That leaves just 0.4% for everyone to share. Today, our supplies are dwindling and increasing numbers of people, especially in developing countries, have insufficient access to clean drinking water. By launching the Water Protection Institute in 2007, evian® strives to:    


  • Work with the local players to protect and restore the wetlands resources 
  • Reduce poverty and improve communities’ living conditions 
  • Bolster communication, education and public awareness 
  • Promote local communities’ participation in effective water management 
  • Share experience and knowledge amongst the key actors and evian®'s team  

The Water Protection Institute’s first three projects are in Argentina, Thailand and Nepal. In Argentina, the project targets the La Plata basin, including two Ramsar sites: the Jaaukanigas and Chaco wetlands, in the Santa Fé and Chaco Provinces. In Nepal, the focus is on the Jagadishpur Reservoir in the tropical south. In Thailand, the attention centers on Beung Khong Long Lake.