Like mother, like baby

Staying hydrated during pregnancy and breastfeeding is important. It is recommended that as a pregnant mother, you should drink plenty of water, particularly in hot weather.

Why is drinking water regularly important during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, water plays a vital role:

  • On average, it makes up 60% of your body, and is mostly renewed every 6 weeks, primarily through the water you drink.
  • This water contributes to the formation and renewal of the amniotic fluid that encircles your baby for the first nine months of life, which is made of 90% water.
  • At 25 weeks, the foetus itself is nearly 90% water.
  • For the first several months after birth, babies’ key source of nutrition is through breast milk, which is comprised of 87% water.

What’s more, as your new born baby’s body is 75% water, it is ever so important for you to stay hydrated when breastfeeding to accompany your baby’s development.

Why is evian® Natural Mineral Water suitable?
With evian® you can be sure that the water is:

  • Pure: untouched by man, evian® is of the utmost purity, free from any chemical treatment or disinfection
  • Balanced: mineral composition (less than 1,000 mg/litre of total weight remaining after evaporation)
  • Stable: evian® gives the guarantee of a constant and unchanging composition


*For more facts on pregnancy and hydration download this free factsheet by the Natural Hydration Council