New 1,5L bottle, lighter in plastic

New eco-design bottle, lighter in plastic, easier to crush, and still 100% recyclable.

Evian has just redesigned its most popular size container, the 1.5-litre bottle: a stylish new look and 2 big changes:

  • Less plastic: 28.6 grams instead of the previous 32 grams, or 11% less packaging, for a direct reduction in the carbon footprint. 
  • More recycling: the amount of recycled plastic (rPET) used to produce the bottle is now 25%, and that will continue to gradually increase with the aim of reaching 50% in 2011.

The lighter weight, combined with the increasing amount of rPET, allows for a considerable reduction in the bottleā€™s carbon footprint: by about 30% compared to the current model. This new bottle represents a milestone for Evian in its quest to cut CO2 emissions by 40% between 2008 and 2012.


See the TV ad with the new bottle